Frequently Asked Questions

Participating to the project

To become an official woman pilot participant, you must:

  • Be a pilot
  • Hold at least a private pilot license
  • Be current for the carriage of passengers per the requirements of the country in which your pilot license was issued
  • Use an aircraft carrying appropriate passenger liability insurance
  • Register as a participant in this website (click here to register)
  • Locate potential women passengers, not holding a pilot license, willing to go on a flight with you before December 31, 2010
  • Organize and conduct the flight in VFR weather while respecting all applicable regulations
  • Send us a photo of you and your passenger along with a proof of the
    date of the flight to be recognized as a official world record participant and receive your certificate of participation

If you believe as did Charles Voisin, Raymonde de Laroche's instructor, that a woman's place in an airplane is at the controls, please join our effort to introduce girls and women to aviation. Register and demonstrate to them than men welcome women in aviation.

The event takes place worldwide at airports where volunteer women pilots choose to conduct the flight.

When you participate to this campaign and email a flight report, you and each one of your passengers will receive an official participating certificate. Moreover, you automatically qualify to compete for one of the three awards available for 2010.

Yes. Trophies for the winner and plaques for the runner ups will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Most non-pilot girls and women introduced to aviation in one location in 2010
  • Most non-pilot girls and women introduced to aviation by a woman pilot in one location in 2010
  • Most unusual introduction flight of a non-pilot woman by a woman pilot in 2010 (criteria include type of aircraft, location or destination, pilot or passenger uniqueness)

For the trophy awarded in the most non-pilot women introduced to aviation in one location, the organizer (person or organization) of the event will be the recipient.

No. Basic registration is free. When you register, you will able to download documents to help you organize your event as well as participate to the forum and the community.

However, you might consider to upgrade to Premium registration for just $10 USD. As a Premium Participant, you will be able to access all the community features, create your own group web page and blog to communicate with your friends and volunteers, create photo galleries, and create and maintain a personal blog.

As a pilot participant to the record setting event, you will be in charge to arrange the financial details for the flight. You may decide to cover the cost on your own, share it with your passenger, find a sponsor, or find any other solution.

We must calculate the number of flights that take place. This is done through registration and reporting. Moreover, registering provides access to downloads and community features.

Use any aircraft with proper liability insurance that is certified for
the use of passenger carriage. Let's use this event to showcase all the
types of aircraft that women pilots fly today.

We are attempting to introduce as many women to flying as possible. The more flights, the better.

Yes. Any introduction flights of non-pilot females that took place starting March 6, 2010 counts. Go through your logbook, complete a flight record form, and email it to make your contribution count.


Register to this website and post your availability on the forum. Post the name of the airports you can access and how you volunteer to help: passenger, organization of the local event, media relation, etc. Wait for a member to contact you but continue to monitor the other postings to see if something of interest to you comes up.


It might be located in your "junk mail" folder. Check that folder first. Make sure to set as a friendly website in your email manager.

If you created an account but you are having trouble logging in, it is
most likely due to password trouble. The easiest way to solve this
problem is to click "request new password" and follow the instructions. However, if that does not work, contact us with your user ID and account email address.