About the Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots Campaign

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On March 8, 1910, Raymonde De Laroche (1882 – 1919), an experienced French balloonist, was the first woman to earn a pilot license worldwide. She was the first but certainly not the last (click here for more). One century later, the woman pilot population has grown tremendously and women pilots are making breakthroughs each and every day (click here for more).

However, women pilots still represent less than 7% of the total pilot population in most countries. One of the challenges for the next century is to encourage more women to become a pilot. Nothing can inspire a woman to learn to fly more than meeting a woman who became a pilot.

To celebrate the Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots, pilots from around the world will attempt to introduce a record number of non-pilot girls and women to flying during the year of Centennial.

Help change the trends, take a woman on a short flight to introduce her to the joys of flying.

To become an official pilot participant, you must:

  • Be a pilot
  • Hold at least a private pilot license
  • Be current for the carriage of passengers per the requirements of the country in which your pilot license was issued
  • Use an aircraft carrying appropriate passenger liability insurance
  • Register as a participant in this website (click here to register for free)
  • Locate potential non-pilot female passengers (i.e., not any holding pilot licenses), willing to go on a flight with you before December 31, 2010.
  • Organize and conduct the flight in VFR weather while respecting all applicable regulations
  • Send us a photo of you and your passenger along with a proof of the date of the flight to be recognized as a official world record participant and receive your certificate of participation

When you become an official participant by registering, you will gain access to promotional materials to help you organize events at your airport and you will become part of a group of proactive pilots that will share ideas with you and give you support.

Trophies for the winner and plaques for the runner ups will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Most female-pilot-friendly airport in the world in 2010 (airport with most non-pilot girls and women introduced to aviation in 2010)
  • Most dedicated woman pilot in the world in 2010 (woman pilot who introduced the most non-pilot girls and women introduced to aviation in 2010)
  • Most unusual introduction flight of a non-pilot girl or woman by a pilot in 2010 (criteria include type of aircraft, location or destination, pilot or passenger uniqueness)

JUST ADDED. Karlene Petitt, Delta Airlines A330 pilot and author, is offering a $100 USD cash reward to one lucky pilot. To qualify for the price, pilots must introduce girls or women to flying between November 11 and December 31 2010, send a flight report to register the flights and sign up to follow Karlene's blog. One flight = One entry. The drawing for the $100 USD price will be held on December 31, 2010.

As a pilot, you have already proven that you like to take on challenges. During the Women Pilots Centennial Year, stand up and be counted. Let the world know that women fly and will continue to fly for centuries to come. Introduce the next generation of women pilots to aviation. To get started, register today for free.